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Sweet T Towel Club

An adorable kitchen towel will arrive at your door monthly! The printed towel will come printed, hemmed and ready to use. We will also offer ideas for those who would like to embellish their towel with such things as fabric, ric-rac and handstitching. Embellishment items do not come with the subscription, but embellishment kits will be available to purchase in the near future. The first shipment will be approximately November 15, 2017. The towel design will be "Home Sweet Home, Christmas 2017" as pictured. The "Baby It's Cold Outside" will ship in December. The towels will be shipped approximately on the 15th of each month. Towels will continue to ship each month unless the subscription is cancelled. We will post new towel designs on our blog at and on Instagram @sweetwaterfabric before each towel is shipped. For a limited time, receive a free gift with your subscription. Check our blog and/or Instagram for more details! The free gift offer expires November 15th, 2017. Also, please be aware that the towels photographed have been embellished with fabric and hand stitching. The towel you will receive is not embellished- it is just screen printed and hemmed. You can leave it the way it comes or embellish it however you wish.

Project Sweetwater

*PLEASE NOTE - PROJECT SWEETWATER SUBSCRIPTIONS ARE SOLD OUT FOR NOW. WE WILL OPEN SUBSCRIPTIONS UP AGAIN IN OCTOBER. Project Sweetwater is a collection of beautiful fabric, iron on labels and fund ideas. A typical box includes the following: 7 Fat Quaters One Charm Pack 3-4 Patterns Iron-on labels Sweetwater "Ink Swatch" Boxes ship quarterly- in September, December, March and June. Renewals take place approximately two weeks before the box ships. At the time of signup, the first box will be charged for. That box will not ship until the next ship date. For example, if you sign up in July, you will be charged for the first box on the day of sign up, but it won't ship until September.

Tagged. Personal Label Club

Each month a custom quilt label with your name will arrive at your door! Each label measures approximately 4" x 5". Labels are iron-on and can be stitched around the edges for a finished look. Labels are shipped on the 28th of each month. If you order before the 28th, you will receive that month's label. If you order after the 28th, your first shipment won't be until the next 28th of the month. For example, if you order March 29, you will be charged for your first label that day, but it won't ship until April 28th.

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